Eco warriors
Published:  25 February, 2016

Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads are now fitted on the new Audi A4, further enhancing the OE approval of its new braking technology.

The company will now bring this OE-approved ecological technology into the aftermarket with a full range of low and zero-copper Eco-Friction brake pads. The range will cover 90% of the existing Premier range, and by the beginning of 2016, this figure will rise to 95% coverage. Customers and installers will enjoy the latest OE technology when making their brake replacements, knowing that the pads are greener for the environment as well.

Not only is the range better  for the environment with less copper, heavy metal content and lower emissions dust, tests have shown that Eco-Friction pads also provide significant stopping improvements over traditional copper-based components: an Eco-Friction-equipped Mk6 Volkswagen Golf, for example, benefits from a 10% reduction in stopping distance from 100km/h.